Janette McCormick – Cheshire Constabulary

Janette joined Cheshire Constabulary in August 2010 and is responsible for uniformed operations, neighbourhood policing, contact management, Partnerships and emergency planning. She is married to a serving officer and has two children.

She previously worked in Greater Manchester Police for 20 years where she had a variety of uniformed roles including heading the Roads Policing Unit, setting up and running Call Centres and as an Area Commander in Bury and Trafford. She has experience of policing diverse communities and areas impacted by gangs and gun crime.

She is currently the national ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) lead for Gypsy and Travellers.

Janette is Chair of the Cheshire Resilience Forum and has experience of policing large scale events having been involved in the Commonwealth Games and Labour Party Conference, and as Commander at Manchester United, travelling home and abroad with the club.

She has been involved in a number of organisational change programmes.


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