What is a Community Budget?

What is a Community Budget?

A new approach to public services that has been developed and is being piloted in four areas across the country: Greater Manchester, Essex County Council, three West London boroughs and West Cheshire.

These four areas face different local issues and challenges, but share a belief that public services can be better delivered through improved partnership working between the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. In West Cheshire we have called our programme ‘Altogether Better’.

A Community Budget allows local public services to work together to see how services can be better delivered in partnership, how shared funding can be managed and how improved outcomes can be delivered. Community Budgets are designed locally and provide local public service providers with the opportunity and freedom to redesign services together and across organisational boundaries to solve complex, multi-agency problems to deliver better outcomes for residents.

A Community Budget for West Cheshire

We have developed a new way of driving change together with partners. We describe this as “collaborative leadership”, recognising that shared challenges require shared solutions. This joint ownership of common problems creates a strong foundation to deliver more efficient and effective public services in West Cheshire allowing us to reduce duplication, minimise waste, and provide services tailored to the needs of residents.

The Altogether Better Programme has developed six business cases that propose potential new ways of working. They present a compelling financial case for better collective working across the public sector and they contain proposals that will deliver genuine improvements for West Cheshire residents.

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