What is Altogether Better?


In December 2011, West Cheshire was selected by Central Government to be one of four pilot areas to deliver a Whole Place Community Budget. The bid submitted on behalf of public, private and voluntary sector partners from across West Cheshire outlined how we will work together for the benefit of our communities to fundamentally change and improve local public services.

There are a number of key reasons for why change needs to take place:

  • The financial and economic situation of the country, including lack of employment opportunities, the budget deficit and the need to reduce public sector spending.
  • Changing demographics: We have an increasing older population across the country and this is a specific issue for West Cheshire. The number of people aged 65 will increase by over 50% over the next twenty years, and the number of people aged over 85 is also set to double. We can expect in increased demand for services, particularly in health and social care.
  • Promoting prevention: We need to better understand the challenges that are facing our communities so that together we can address the root causes.
  • Decentralisation: There is an increasing public appetite for local communities to play a greater role in both shaping and delivering public services.


Our vision is to deliver the highest quality of life in the UK to West Cheshire residents, creating more outcome-focused services for our customers and delivering the right services, in the right place at the right time.

West Cheshire partners share a bold ambition to radically reshape local public services to make a positive difference and deliver significant improvements for residents, communities and businesses.

We will succeed because for the first time all local public services, along with the voluntary and private sectors are working together to look at how we can make this happen. We plan to significantly reduce costs by eliminating duplication, tackling the root causes of problems and fundamentally redesigning services, tailoring them to address local needs.

The area already has a strong and vibrant economy, making it a serious destination of choice within the North West of England. It offers a unique and high quality lifestyle, with excellent housing, retail, leisure, cultural and heritage offers. Together we aspire to provide the highest quality of life to all of our residents and have ambitious plans to achieve this.

The Altogether Better programme is structured into five themes, the first four reflecting the life cycle of a local resident, and the fifth theme offering cross-cutting support and innovation to enable better integration of public service outcomes, budgets and assets.

Within these themes our initial work has focused on six projects that can be delivered over the next five years. These projects will deliver improved services for local residents, while also providing cost reductions in the region of £107 million.

Future outcomes

One of the most exciting aspects of these proposals is that our ideas can be replicated elsewhere across the country. The improvements and efficiencies that have been identified to date are based on just six projects, proving the concept of integration, and illustrating the potential for future work. These new delivery models have been developed with detailed and tested cost-benefit-analysis and a number of cautious estimates.

Finally, these projects are just the starting point. There is much more to be done and over time we will continue to improve partnership working in new areas and further improve outcomes and efficiency for local citizens.


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