Integrated Assets

Integrated Assets – adopting a place-based, rather than organisational approach to the management and use of land and buildings across the public sector.

Public sector partners across West Cheshire own in excess of 1,500 assets, ranging from; car parks, playgrounds, office blocks, and hospitals. The annual cost of running and maintaining them is over £40 million.

We have worked together to identify assets similar in nature and use, showing that 60 buildings of generic office accommodation cost partners in the region of £12.4 million annually.

Significant savings can be made through co-location, and this project aims to reduce overall costs and improve efficiency through increased sharing of buildings. Moreover, this will also enable our residents to access more services in one, providing an improved service to local communities.

Altogether Better approach


New approach Old approach

Joint Asset Management: Managing assets across organisations through a Partnerships Estates Group to  make optimum use of assets across West Cheshire.



Individual asset management by organisations, with  decisions about use made in isolation.


Memorandum of Understanding: to apply common principles, and develop the sharing of information  among partners.



Individual organisations with their own monitoring  methods, and not sharing information with partners.


Consolidation of common asset types: Identify when rationalising office estates can save money. All  partners are at different stages of development in  processing this information.



Organisations dealing with their own assets and not  exploiting opportunities to share.



Better customer services through improved accessibility, and combinations of compatible functions and much better utilisation of property portfolios, and therefore a reduction in size and cost.

Over a five year period we reckon we can save over £4 million,with an annual reduction in running costs of £1.7 million by 2017.

Business Case


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