Early Support

Early Support – a five year programme to deliver more coordinated, cost effective and tailored support to young people aged 0-19 on levels two and three on the continuum of need

The Early Support project is focused on helping children from birth to age 19. Effective early action can have a huge difference on a child’s life chances in terms of health, employment and behaviour. This project also includes pre-birth support for parents.

The system is often fragmented and reactive, failing to produce effective solutions for young people and children. One example of this is the Contact, Assessment and Referral Team (CART) that offers an integrated front door for safeguarding concerns. In the past 12 months over 7,100 referrals were made to CART, of which 1,200 were repeat referrals.

Altogether Better approach


New approach Old approach

A new approach focused around families with a single family assessment.



Multiple assessments by many organisations.


A single access team: Signposting to the right  services, a common understanding of need across  agencies and further sharing of information through  integrated case discussions.



Multiple front doors and varying assessment processes  leading to a fragmentation and duplication.


Integrated early support teams: Aligned to Children’s  Centres, bringing together health, Children and Young  People’s services and other professionals, enabling joint  case management and an agreed plan among organisations.



Silo working which often leads to an escalation in need and demand on costly acute services.


A children’s investment unit: Jointly commissioning  services for children and young people across both  Health partners and the Local Authority.



Fragmented services, commissioned by individual  organisations resulting in duplication in some areas and  gaps in others.


The scale-up of evidence based interventions which  reduce demand for more costly services following  evaluation of ‘what works’ during year one.



Interventions only deal with part of the problem, not  always evidence based on and separately  commissioned by different organisations.



All children are safe within their families and communities and they are healthy, eager to learn, confident and supported to achieve their full potential. We estimate that this project will cost £2.5 million to implement but we would expect to return benefits of £4 million over a four year period.

Business Case


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