Working with partners

One of the core principles of the Altogether Better programme is collaborative leadership, with membership drawn from all partners, sharing the vision and ownership of this work.

The leadership and management of the programme is being delivered through the following:

Public Services Board (PSB)

The Public Services Board (PSB) is made up of top level leaders from strategic partners, including major public sector organisations, as well as representatives from the voluntary and private sector. The key role of the PSB is to provide strong tactical leadership to the programme and themes, with each member sponsoring one of the five project themes.

Altogether Better Co-ordination (ABC) Team

The Altogether Better Co-ordination (ABC) Team is a core group of partners, including civil servants from key central government departments, who will manage and co-ordinate the delivery of the programme on a day-to-day basis. They will provide support and guidance to specialist project teams, who will implement the recommendations of the Altogether Better programme.

Existing local governance arrangements within each of the organisations and partnerships will feed into and inform the whole decision making process. Each organisation will ensure that their respective managements are well placed to consider and decide on business cases, both in draft and final stages. Additionally, existing strategic partnership arrangement including the Health and Wellbeing Board, the Safer Stronger Partnership and Children’s Trust will also have a key input to the process.

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