Altogether Better – A Community Budget for West Cheshire

Welcome to the Altogether Better website, providing information and updates on the progress of West Cheshire’s Community Budget programme.

Altogether Better is one of four national whole place Community Budget pilot areas testing new, radical and local approaches to delivering public services.

This programme is about real and lasting change. It involves reviewing local public services alongside our partner organisations in the public, private, voluntary and community sector.

Together we are tackling the root causes of longstanding problems, promoting early intervention and deploying resources in the most effective way. Too often public services react and respond, serving local problems, rather than solving them.

Altogether Better promotes new delivery models of services that are both innovative and effective. This opportunity captures West Cheshire’s ambition to deliver efficient and customer focused services across a range of local partners.

Altogether Better means genuine collaboration between partners and a focus on an outcome for our residents.

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